The Gene Ambassador Programme 
Gene Ambassador Programme (GAP) is a unique opportunity for students in Life sciences/Medicine to participate and contribute to the ongoing cutting-edge research towards enabling precise diagnosis of rare diseases and understanding their molecular basis. 

What does the programme involve ?
The programme involves scientific curation, social connect and hands-on exposure to analysis of genomic data towards understanding rare genetic mutations.

Collaborating with us 
We are open to academic collaboration from institutes or organisations on this programme. Please contact Dr. Vinod Scaria for more details.

Who Can Participate
Any undergraduate/graduate students in Life Sciences/Medicine is eligible to participate in the programme. You would require to spend approximately one hour daily for the next 6 months to one year to learn. contribute and partake in the ongoing research programme. 

The programme is not limited to students. In fact any interested individual with motivation is invited to participate.

Unique opportunity to learn from the leaders
Top achievers every month is eligible to receive a badge of approval. Participants who achieve 5 badges would be invited to to participate in exome analysis course and hands-on training programmes on genetic diseases. 

Important Dates

Registrations Open: 29 February 2016
Registration Closes: 1st April 2016
Registration Link: [ Register Here ]

GUaRDIAN and what we do
GUaRDIAN is a collaborative research programme towards understanding the genetic basis and molecular mechanisms underlying rare genetic disorders
Today GUaRDIAN is a consortium of over 60 clinicians and researchers from over 20 medical and research centers making it one of the largest clinical genomics research networks in India.